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From Idea to Invention

Dec 17, 2020

After tragically losing his brother over a decade ago, Chris Butts knew he had to honor the life of his brother in the years to come and on. In 2010, him and friends created the Calvin Butts Memorial Scholarship as a way to remember the great man his brother was and to give back to the community in his honor. Today on...

Dec 10, 2020

Today on From Idea to Invention, we're joined by entrepreneur, certified aromatherapist, and founder of Aromanthi, Angelica Haviaras. Angelica's professional and Mediterranean background guides Aromanthi's company culture to provide positive impact and improves the quality of life for all diverse communities.She...

Nov 12, 2020

Join us today on From Idea to Invention, where #PuffCuff Founder & CEO, Ceata and Garrett are joined by IP lawyer, Alex Aron of Vivid IP.
Alex applies her technical background and more than a decade of experience across the spectrum of IP law to establishing, defending, and advancing clients brands.
With spent...

Nov 5, 2020

Today on From Idea to Invention, PuffCuff Founder & CEO, Ceata & Garrett, speak with Aman Agarwal, Founder and President of SANPRAM Transnational. Aman knows all about thriving in an AI and tech-driven landscape as a "non-technical" person and shares how to easily learn to speak intelligently with engineers.

Oct 29, 2020

Today on From Idea to Invention, #PuffCuff Founder and CEO, @ceataandgarrett are joined by your new coaching BFF, Kwavi Agbeyegbe!  As a certified weightless coach, Kwavi has devoted over 30 years to health, wellness and weight loss strategies. You have a vision of yourself you'd love to see? This rockstar has...